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Big Ideas Courses

What happens when you bring together two (or more!) outstanding professors, from completely different disciplines, and one BIG IDEA? Add a room full of bright Berkeley undergraduates and let the spirited discussions begin!

Big Ideas Courses fulfill breadth requirements, are designed with non-majors in mind, do not have prerequisites, and are taught by some of our most engaging instructors.

Faculty interested in proposing a Big Ideas Course should consult our For Faculty page for more information.

"This course challenged the way I look at problems. I realized that when people from different disciplines come together, they bring more creative and innovative thoughts to the table."
UC Berkeley undergraduate

The Big Ideas Courses program is administered by the College of Letters & Science’s Division of Undergraduate Studies and serves students in all colleges and schools across the UC Berkeley campus. The program is generously supported in part by donors to the L&S Leadership Fund.