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The Letters & Science Leadership Fund creates learning experiences that stay with our students for their entire lives.

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Undergraduate Studies

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Nathaniel Coghlan
Senior Director, Major Gifts, University Development and Alumni Relations

"My interactions with those beginning students were so satisfying. I saw several of them mature into young adults in their following years at Cal. A few of them ended up doing research projects in my lab and one is graduating this year to go off to graduate school. I love my research program, but the teaching is what may have a more enduring impact—the power of this education to transform lives and futures. Just by chance, my freshman seminar was on Tuesday, the day after [my] Nobel announcement. My class showed up with no fanfare other than that a photographer had been assigned to cover my class for that day. The students said nothing until I ended the hour, then they gathered together to sign two terrific cards including one with a drawing of the Nobel medal."
Randy Schekman headshot
Randy W. Schekman, professor of molecular and cell biology and Nobel Laureate