L&S Curricular Connections

L&S 1: Exploring the Liberal Arts

Foam balls suspended in the atrium of Hearst Memorial Mining Building in an art installation by J. Ignacio Diaz de Rabago

Letters & Science 1: Exploring the Liberal Arts provides an introduction to the intellectual landscape of the College of Letters & Science and gives you a head start on your education at Berkeley and your connections with students and professors. You will meet professors, deans, and alumni from across L&S, learn about our amazing alumni’s paths through and beyond Berkeley, and explore our faculty’s cutting-edge research on topics ranging from earthquakes to music composition, from bias-reduction interventions to social media hashtags. This course can help you discover what your passion is at Berkeley.

The summer course is online and asynchronous. The fall course is a hybrid course, with discussion sections that meet in person.

Questions about the course? Contact Aileen Liu, the lead instructor.

“I have discovered majors outside of what I had originally planned to major in that genuinely interest me. This course inspired me to discover my true interests. I no longer feel constrained to a certain course of action and realize that I will be all right regardless of my major, which significantly reduces my stress.”
Incoming first-year admit in summer 2022 class
“This course clarified my present and gave me hope for my future.”
Student in summer 2022 class
“I was exposed to a wide range of topics that I had never investigated. If not for this class, I probably would have never investigated them at all. The time we have at Cal is limited and it’s important to know about all the opportunities you have.”
Incoming transfer student in summer 2022 class