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The L&S Division of Undergraduate Studies nurtures rich intellectual relationships between faculty and students, in the best tradition of a liberal arts education. Our programs and courses provide undergraduates with access to enriching and inspiring interactions with faculty across multiple fields of study.

Oliver O'Reilly with students in freshman seminar



Berkeley Buffet

With more than 1,500 faculty members, including a handful of Nobel laureates, scores of MacArthur and Guggenheim fellows, and abundant National Academy of Sciences members, Berkeley offers far more than any student could ever hope ...

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"This seminar has been fantastic. The subject is fascinating, and I appreciated the class for its intimate setting and lively discussions. The professor was meticulous about inviting all voices to the table. It was hands down my favorite class of the semester and possibly my entire career at Berkeley so far. It helped me build my academic voice and confidence, which will be helpful in the future. I've met great people I can keep in touch with, and I know the professor would be glad to help out with anything I need or offer any guidance during the rest of my time at Berkeley (and beyond). An outstanding experience!"
— Class of 2025 Freshman Seminar Student