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Freshman & Sophomore Seminars

Freshman and Sophomore Seminars emphasize interaction and discussion, providing a counterpoint to the learning experience in Berkeley’s large lecture classes. In the seminars, a small group of students and a professor explore a scholarly topic of mutual interest together through dialogue, in the spirit of learning for its own sake.

These seminars offer students an unprecedented opportunity to explore a wide range of majors and even fields of study usually reserved for graduate students. Professors from nearly every campus department join together each semester to offer an impressive array of seminars. You will find lower-division seminars sponsored by L&S departments, as well as by the professional schools and colleges. Seminars numbered 24 (and in some cases 90) bear one unit of credit and are limited to 15 freshmen. Seminars numbered 39A-Z are limited to 30 freshmen and sophomores. Seminars numbered 84 bear one or two units of credit and are limited to 15 sophomores.

If you have questions about the Freshman and Sophomore Seminars, contact us at fssp@berkeley.edu.

Faculty interested in teaching freshman and sophomore seminars should consult our For Faculty page for more information.

Fall 2023 Freshman and Sophomore Seminars
For more information about fall 2023 seminars, including course descriptions, view our brochure.

“I really enjoyed this seminar because I met people who love literature as much as I do. It made me feel not alone at Cal.”
— Class of 2025 Freshman Seminar Student

The Freshman and Sophomore Seminar Program is administered by the College of Letters & Science’s Division of Undergraduate Studies and co-sponsored by the Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education. The program serves students in all colleges and schools across the UC Berkeley campus. The program is generously supported by the Chancellor and the Heising-Simons Foundation.