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Freshman & Sophomore Seminars

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UC Berkeley’s freshman and sophomore seminars were originally launched in 1992. Approximately one hundred seminars are offered each semester. In fall 1992, Berkeley began offering one-unit freshman seminars in every department on campus. At the same time, the existing freshman and sophomore seminars (earning 2–4 units) were expanded considerably. In spring 2002, the College of Letters & Science piloted a new Sophomore Seminar Program, which was expanded to become a campus-wide program, and later consolidated with the other seminars to create the Freshman and Sophomore Seminar Program.

“This was one of, if not the best class I've ever taken. It was easily the most fun. It inspired academic curiosity and pursuit in myself, more than any other class ever has for me. It restored a genuine enjoyment of learning and will have a lasting effect on me for years to come.”
— Class of 2026 Freshman Seminar Student