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Business Administration 190T / Theater 100

From Imagination to Innovation: Activating Creativity for Transformational Change

Arts and Literature

This is a project-based class in collaborative innovation where students experience group creativity and team-based design by using techniques from across the disciplines of business, theatre, design, and art practice. They will leverage problem framing and solving techniques derived from critical thinking, systems thinking, and creative problem solving (popularly known today as design thinking). The course is grounded in a brief weekly lecture that sets out the theoretical, historical, and cultural contexts for particular innovation practices, but the majority of the class involves hands-on studio-based learning guided by an interdisciplinary team of teachers leading small group collaborative projects.

Terms Offered

  • Spring 2024
Dave Rochlin
Dave Rochlin (Haas)
Lisa Wymore faculty profile
Lisa Wymore (Theater, Dance, and Performance Studies)