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LS 150A

Global Transformation and Cultural Change: NGO’s, AIDS and Sub-Saharan Africa

International Studies, Social and Behavioral Sciences

How has the world responded to the AIDS crisis in sub-Saharan Africa? The very assumption that “the world” can and should respond suggests how deeply the notion of a global society has taken root. The course introduces basic concepts, theories, and methods from the social sciences and exposes students to the history and contemporary reality of sub-Saharan Africa. In addition to examining the basic biology and epidemiology of HIV/AIDS, we explore the cultural, political, and moral issues raised by global efforts to fight the epidemic. We also analyze what “governance” means when a multitude of international actors, from huge UN agencies to tiny non-governmental and community organizations, attempt to address a human catastrophe. The course is writing intensive: reading is light and sections are small to allow time for hands-on attention to student research and writing.

Ann Swidler faculty profile
Ann Swidler (Sociology)

Terms Offered

  • Spring 2011
  • Spring 2009
  • Spring 2008
  • Spring 2006