L&S Curricular Connections

L&S 1: Exploring the Liberal Arts

History of L&S 1

In fall 2002, Letters & Science launched a new course for undecided first-year admits in their first semester entitled “Exploring the Liberal Arts.” L&S 1 is intended to provide an intellectual overview of the College of Letters & Science—from the perspectives of engaging guest speakers chosen from the faculty, deans and recent alumni—and a preview of undergraduate research and other enrichment opportunities. The course goal is to help students become well-informed participants in their own educational experience, so they can make the most of their years in the College. As Professor Steven Botterill put it, L&S 1 “offers guidance on what we teach here and introduces students to as many as possible of the people who teach here.”

Faculty Lectures

Since its inception in 2002, L&S 1 has featured lectures by faculty members from every department in the College of Letters & Science. Watch a few faculty lectures from our early years.