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Art Practice C100 / Geography C100 / History of Art C106

Art and Ecology

Arts and Literature

Taught by faculty from the Departments of Art Practice, Geography, and History of Art, this Big Ideas course is a space where we collectively study, think, and make art about the cataclysmic ecological crises that threaten our planet today. Examining possible notions of the animal, the botanic, the oceanic, the geologic, and the atmospheric, among other themes, the course prompts embodied responses to this urgent moment through complex, experimental, scholarly, and practice-based interventions. The aim is to read human interactions with the planet in relation to the past, present, and future of earthly environments, as shaped by historical processes, resonances, interruptions, and movements.

Sharad Chari faculty profile
Sharad Chari (Geography)
Asma Kazmi faculty profile
Asma Kazmi (Art Practice)
Sugata Ray faculty profile
Sugata Ray (History of Art)

Terms Offered

  • Spring 2022
"This course was a perfect intersection between ecology, art practice, art history, and geography. I've never been compelled to combine these areas before and now I can say that their intersections are never-ending and fascinating. I was made to think about the ecology around me through lenses that didn't come to me naturally prior to taking this course."
— Spring 2022 Student
"This class stimulated my thinking immensely, causing me to view all aspects of ecology in a new light. This class was the most unique I have taken at Berkeley, and I am so glad I had the opportunity to take it."
— Spring 2022 Student