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Computer Science C79 / Political Science C79 / Statistics C79

Societal Risks and Law

Social and Behavioral Sciences

What does “risk” mean? How can it be measured or estimated? Which risks are worth worrying about, and which are not? Which should you be more concerned about: driving while texting, salmonella in Caesar salad, global warming, BPA, living near power lines, or a major earthquake? To what extent can laws and regulations reduce risks or protect us from risks such as these? To what extent should they? How much should society be willing to pay to insure us from such risks? This course addresses these questions by examining a variety of risks ranging from earthquakes to food contaminants to nuclear power to cellphones, and legislative and regulatory responses to those risks.

Philip Stark faculty profile
Philip Stark (Statistics)
David Wagner faculty profile
David Wagner (Computer Science)
Jasjeet Sekhon headshot
Jasjeet Sekhon (Political Science)
Nick Jewell headshot
Nick Jewell (Public Health)
Cathryn Carson headshot
Cathryn Carson (History)
Stephen Mahin headshot
Stephen Mahin (Structural Engineering)

Terms Offered

  • Spring 2013