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LS C180Y / Gender & Women’s Studies C180Y

Gender, Sex and Power

Social and Behavioral Sciences

Gender, sex, and power shape and influence our cultural and social world in obvious and in hidden ways. Bay Area artists and activists focus on illuminating, shifting, redefining, and making use of the juncture of gender, sex, and power to bring about new opportunities and new futures. We will first explore the terrain of academic definitions of gender, sex, power and the connections among them, emphasizing how gender/sex/power is interlinked with racism, classism, colonialism, and dis/ablism. Topics addressed will include: labor, migration and belonging; food, shelter, and land; health and health care; sexuality and love; and politics and political action.

Terms Offered

  • Spring 2022
  • Fall 2020
Laura Nelson
Laura Nelson (Gender & Women's Studies)