L&S Curricular Connections

L&S 110: Brilliance of Berkeley

Hear from students how the Brilliance of Berkeley course has ignited their curiosity:

I would definitely recommend taking this course to any student. Having the privilege of learning from various professors and professionals every week about different topics make the class very enjoyable and interesting.

Highly recommend taking this class as it opens more doors for you and allows you to explore different majors.

I enjoy the lectures because they are across disciplines on topics that I may not otherwise explore outside of this course.

As a new student to Cal, being enrolled in Brilliance of Berkeley has truly made me feel like I am a part of the Berkeley community. It has made me feel belonged and has introduced me to all the things that make Berkeley truly brilliant. It has shaped my thoughts and perspectives and given me a lot of ideas on what kind of courses I want to enroll in. It has provided me the opportunity to network with wonderful professors studying extremely interesting things, and this has allowed me to know who to reach out to if I want more insights on a specific topic.

I love this class! As a transfer student, I only have the benefit of two years here at Cal, so I do not have the luxury of four years and the time it would allow me to enroll in a broad range of classes. This class has helped satisfy my intellectual and academic curiosity about other topics, and it should be considered a first-year required course. The diverse topics expose students to areas of study they may not even know are available to study at Cal. The students here are incredibly bright. Who knows what could happen if they were all exposed to many different topics early in their time here at Cal?

L&S 110: Brilliance of Berkeley is co-sponsored by the College of Letters & Science and the Division of Undergraduate Education.